Hey! Nice to meet you.

Samuel Alonso is a designer focused on digital products. Since 2008 he has been working with freelancers, teams and companies of all sizes to develop Internet businesses to achieve data-based goals and objectives. His work is a balance between design, technology and strategy. He likes to resolve problems about human-centered design, visual design, motion graphics and technology.

He is currently working on several projects with the Season production team. In his personal time he collaborates on projects that contain big data, machine learning and serverless. Sometimes he also publishes his 3D experiments on Instagram.

Currently he lives and works in Barcelona.

Skills and Personal Capabilities — 

Human centered design
Pixel perfect
Sensitivity for typography
Programming foundations
Critical thinking
Software agnostic
Agile framework methodology
Self Management
Maths for computer graphics
Animation principles

He has worked for — 

ACC10, Alianza Evangélica, Alvalle, APEC, BMW, BarcelonaGSE, Barcelona Centre de Disseny (BCD), Banco Santander, Busquet Advocats, Caixa Bank Research, Cambra de Comerç Barcelona, Cambra de Lleida, Camp de Tarragona, Casio España, Catnix, CeGe Global, Creaf, Cultura y Alianzas, César Pesquera, DoubleYou, Editorial Casals, Herder editorial, Escuela de Organización Industrial (EOI),  Esperanza Moya, Euro RSCG Spain, Frequent Driver, GBU Grupos Bíblicos Unidos, Gallina Blanca, Ganvam, Grey Spain, Grup Crèdit Andorrà, Grupo Regina, Herder Editorial, Hoteles Pulitzer, IsGlobal, Itfashion, JNB music, La Lenta Beer, MINI, Marca, Marti Canillas, Medacc, Mosquito Alert, Mstake, NOOM hotels, Nextmedia, Observatorio de la Cibersociedad (OCS), Odigeo, Pan de masa lenta Mum, Publicaciones Andamio, Puig, Nike, Redbooth, SEAT, Grey, San Miguel, T2O Media, TECNIcart, Tibidabo, Tintea, Uned, Universia, University of La Laguna (FEULL), Urbiótica, Volldamm.